Wasserwochen was designed as a pilot project scheduled to be carried out in the primary school of Binningen (BL), Switzerland, during 4 weeks in März and April 2020. The project aimed to introduce students of the 5th grade to global aspects of the water cycle and is carried out with the class 5e. The project included the following subjects:

Water Cycle

  • human needs within the water cycle
  • water supply process supported by a model

Virtual water

  • understanding "virtual water" and "water footprint"
  • calculating the own footprint and knowing possible control measures
  • knowing and comparing water footprint of familiar products

Climate Change

  • knowing the term "climate change" and its implications
  • impact of climate change in the water cycle.
  • the role of children and youth in environmental protection (Cross-thematic)

Zamir Borojevic, winner of the Swiss Junior Water Prize 2019, was involved in the design and implementation of the project. He was in charge of teaching the course to the class, fulfilling one of the objectives of the prize, which is encouraging the interest of young people for relevant subjects of water and sustainability. 

Unfortunately, the unusual situation created by the spreading of COVID 19 forced the project to stop after the first week. School lessons continued online, but the project was not part of the original school plan, so it was not priority to be continued. Besides, it was intended to create a high level of interaction of the students with the educational materials, and this wouldn't have been possible in an online format. 

If you are interested in carrying out a similar project, please get in touch with us.