Two winners of the SJWP-CH contributed to the first Swiss Water & Climate Forum

13th September 2021.

The first  Swiss Water & Climate Forum took place on the 9th and 10th of September in Willisau (LU), bringing together actors from academia, civil society, and the private and public sector to discuss and co-create innovative proposals to tackle water challenges posed by climate, with a strong focus on regional solutions. 

The organizers made strategic efforts to ensure the participation of youth in the forum, and as a result, the contribution of youth to the forum could be appreciated on different fronts. Young participants took part in all focus groups' discussions and brought their fresh perspectives to some of the most urgent challenges identified by the attendees. Among the 9 concepts co-developed in the two days in Willisau, the project WH2O for Youth? conceived within the Focus Group "Youth" won first prize consisting of CHF 5000.- in seed capital and coaching  for the implementation of the project provided by partners cewas and planval

Special mention deserve two winners of the SJWP-CH: on one hand, Anna Sidonia Marug (2020), who honoured her role as Forum's Youth Ambassador participating in several key discussions and was invited to be part of the jury; on the other hand Jeanne Käser (2021), who contributed to the development of the finalist project kliMASter. We celebrate that the Swiss Water & Climate Forum opens this platform for intergenerational dialogue and co-creation.