Exchange with water experts during the SWP General Assembly

 31st of May 2023 

Frederick Steinmann & Karim Malik were invited to present their award winning project to a group of experts in the Swiss water sector. Karim & Frederick’s innovative control system was received with admiration and interest, giving place to productive discussions for possible applications and next steps. The award winners were particulary thankful for the feedback they received on how to highlight the relevance of their innovative project and how to link the applicability of the control unit they developed to key global water and food security challenges. The project presentation took place at Switzerland Global Enterprise S-GE during the General Assembly of the Swiss Water Partnership, where Karim and Frederick also joined the SWP-Youth in their annual meeting and discussions on future strategies.

Providing exchange and cooperation opportunities for the winners is an important objective of the SJWP-CH. This experience will be very useful in Karim & Frederick's preparation for the international final of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, which will take place from the 19th to the 24th of August.