Jeanne Käser ist first author in a scientific publication

December 2021.

Jeanne Käser won the SJWP-CH 2021 thanks to her outstanding work on the effects of neonicotinoids on invertebrates in the Seyon River. Jeanne’s research has now been published in the yearly Bulletin of the Société Neuchâteloise des Sciences Naturelles. The article titled EVIDENCE OF NEONICOTINOID CONTAMINATION IN AQUATIC INVERTEBRATES: AN ASSESSMENT OF THE CURRENT STATE OF THE SEYON RIVER IN THE CANTON OF NEUCHÂTEL, SWITZERLAND features Jeanne Käser as the first author, along with Gaétan Glauser and Alexandre Aebi. The article can be found on pages 5-24 of bulletin 141, which has been recently made available online under this link.

Warm congratulations to Jeanne Käser for this first scientific publication! This is a deserved recognition of her work!